Monday, September 10, 2012

Webcomic Hiatus (Again)

I am now working on two webcomics. PITCH BLACK has gained a little sibling called LITERAL METAPHOR. Three strips into the latter, though, I must take a break from both. My other job as an independent filmmaker has hogged all my time and twice as much patience as I have. We're redesigning our logo and in the middle of editing two short films, one of which is heavy on special effects. Additionally, Rio Film Festival looms over us, promising to devour two weeks whole. Throw in the fact that, for me, September is stuffed full of birthday celebrations, mine included, and I think I have enough excuses for another goddamn hiatus.

But wait, there's one more: the upcoming 200th PITCH BLACK strip. I have very stupidly established that every fifty strips are celebrated with a longer comic. The first one was about fifty panels long and still drawn in the old, simpler art style. Same goes for the second one, except that it was roughly eighty panels long. The third one was in the new art style and a hundred and ten panels long. But hey, at least it wasn't colored, right?

The 200th will be. I haven't written the script yet, but from what I have in mind, it will probably be longer than at least the first and second special editions. And in the new art style. Point being, I'm fucked.

I won't give any predictions other than "as soon as possible" for the return of both strips. But they will be returning.


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  1. good luck sir, thank you for posting this. come back to us when you can .